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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> a powerful earthquake hits a popular tourist area in the central philippines. ♪ ♪ hello and welcome to, i am stephen cole you are watching al jazerra from doha. coming up in the next half hour. >> i am jane ferguson in kabul and i will be reporting on the high-profile assassination on the first day of the muslim holiday. >> back to the negotiating table world leaders arrive in geneva to discuss the future of iran's nuclear program.
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and the final frontier. leaping for joy. china celebrates 10 years of space exploration. ♪ ♪ but first, at least 20 people have been killed, many more have been injured in the central philippines by an earthquake. it was a magnitude 7.2 quake that hit the island. the power has been cut, many buildings have been destroyed. the area is a popular tourist destination. rescue workers are searching for survivors. robert pool is a journalist from tokyo on holiday there when the earthquake hit and joins me for you on the line. 7.2 magnitude quake, robert a powerful earthquake. tell us what you saw or heard. >> reporter: well, i was riding a bike outside of one of the main cities when it happened.
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obviously i was on the coastal roads, the earth was shaking and it really felt like it was floating during the quake itself. the roads in front of us cracked, the electricity cables came down, we encountered many bridges after that which collapsed i am not in the center of the epicenter of the earth character and here there are thousands of people out on the streets. i am standing outside the municipal hall which is completely devastated. as we ride around we have seen dozens of collapsed houses. hearwe have heard there are quia few casualties in this area. the mayor is coordinating people and there are white tents out for the people to wake in. >> i take it the aftershocks are still occurring in an area in the reason of fire which is known for its activity. is there any power there? can you tell us anything about
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the rescue attempts? >> reporter: as for power, any believely it was hard to contact the local rai villages for peope were unable to contact their family hads here so that's why came up here to see what the status is. in terms of emergency services i have seen a few ambulances around, there do seem to be? military looking vehicles around here. the area i guess is little prepared for this kind of earthquake, i live in japan where it's common to earthquakes but here there is sort of a feeling of shock and bewilder. , the people are not really sure what to do. but they are out on the streets because they feel safer not inside something that can collapse. >> numerous buildings, it is a tourist area because of the older buildings, buildings that have survived centuries and some of those have come down as well, showing the power of this earthquake. that's right one of the large of
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the church here it's a heritage site an enormous church building built in the significant teen hundreds by the spanish in of been damaged before. it's entirely collapsed. the facades on both sides have collapsed. yeah, pretty shocking devastation that you see. >> and a pretty shocking -- >> reporter: fortunately in that town -- yes, carry on robert. >> reporter: fortunate any in that town there were no casualties it happened at 8:00 in the morning, national holiday today. nobodnobody was in the church. when i first encountered it it was amazing to think that nobody had been injured from there. but once we had come up to the town now we are seek people who are injured and hearing reports of fay tal a at fatalities. >> robert poole, many things indeed for that eyewitness account of the earthquake in the central philippines. four foreign aid workers abduct bide an armed group in syria have now been freed. but the fate of their three closing sun known.
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the group was delivering aid in italy providence when they were kidnapped. despite the abduction the red cross says it will continue it's relief program in syria. there have been a series of attacks on muslims celebrating the holiday. we are getting reports of a bomb insides a mosque in a neighborhood. that's south of the capital of damascus. and a bomb blast at a sunni mosque in the northern city has killed 12 people. the bomb exploded a midst a crowd of worshipers as they left a mosque of after morning prayers. in after began stan a pro provincial governor was killed in a bomb attack during the prayers too, it happened in the eastern province. authorities say explosives were planted inside the mosque where the governor was praying at least 20 others were killed. for more this, jane ferguson is in kabul. jane, tell us what happened.
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>> well, as you said, steven the governor was attending morning prayers here, it's the first day of the muslim holiday in afghanistan when there was an explosion enough mosque an improvised explosive devise it's thought to have been planted he was killed and the casual any rate is 20 injured. no one else killed beyond the governor at this point. several of those people reported as injured are severely ill and in a critical condition. so the death toll could rise. now, attacks on governors are very common here in afghanistan and, in fact, planting bombs inside mosques for such attacks are also common. in this case, the taliban have not claimed responsibility yet. but in the past it's been a common tactic because it's one of the area opportunities where they can get a high-profile government official in an area surrounded by the public. >> and then tell us more about the governor. >> reporter: well, the governor
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had quite a successful political career to date. from 2006 he was actually the governor of host province and then in 2009, he was the deputy manager for president hamid karzai's political campaign for the presidential elections there. he's always been very close to president karzai and after that, successful election in 2010, he was made the minister for borders and tribal affairs, he had actually only been the governor for the province for six months when this attack happened this morning, but he had had no less than five attempts on his life to date. this sixth one being successful. >> jane ferguson in kabul. thanks, jane. talks on iran's disputed nuclear program are about to start in gentleman never a iran's new president has signaled he may be ready for a new start. he wants to end the crippling sanctions, but the u.s. and the american partners are cautious. well, our diplomatic editor
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james bays joins me live from geneva. significant day, james, what is on the agenda? >> reporter: significant debuts remember just a few weeks ago in new york that very new mood that, phone call between president luja rouhani and prest owobama and john kerry and his iranian counterpart. now really the start of the test, the concrete negotiations on the details of iran's nuclear program. a short time ago i was speaking to a member of the iranian delegation they are not giving anything away, but we understand that iran has a new proposal it's going to put to the international community. we understand that the iranian foreign minister will make that proposal when the meeting starts about 20 minutes from now. >> so a very different public tone from iran towards the west. that tone has certainly changed as you say with the phone call
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and what's happened afterwards. what is the quid pro quo if the west moved toward -- if iran moves towards the western di demands? >> reporter: well, i think it's pretty clear what the iranians want and they want those sanctions to be lifted. i think it's also pretty clear that the iranian delegation here is trying to get things to move very fast. president rouhani knows right now he's got the supreme leader on his side. he's been given this opportunity to engage with the west. but if he doesn't get results, western diplomats here are telling me they think that it's quite possible the hard liners could get some traction in teheran and that the window for talks, the window for diplomacy could close. everyone here thinks that this needs to move fast. they don't think there will be any breakthrough in these talks which are expected to last for a couple of days but hoping there will be some progress and i am
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told they may reschedule talks again, the next talks possibly as soon as a couple of weeks from now. >> gosh, all right. james bays, a diplomatic editor, many thanks for joining us. u.s. polling tingeses say they have made progress towards reaching ideal on the national debt. they are trying to agree on whether or not to raise the u.s. debt controlling and also to reopen the federal government. it's been shut since the beginning of the month. the white house postponed a schedule meet to go give senate leaders more time to find a solution to the shutdown. american officials have described him as one of the word's most wanted terrorists, now 10 days after he was captured by u.s. forces in libya, he has been taken to the united states, he's due to appear before a new york court accused of masterminding the bombings of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania in 1998. a report from new york. >> reporter: he was brought to manhattan on saturday afternoon, white sox remappedded iwas remad due to appear in court on tuesday morning, we don't he
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exact charges that will be laid against him. what we have done is dug up the records from when the u.s. government issued other indictment against him. in those documents, they said that he was want today for conspiracy to murder, bomb and, maim. and also conspiracy to kill u.s. nationals. he was captured during a military raid in triply leigh od taken to a u.s. navy ship to interrogation for the last nine or 10 days that has caused furor here because many believe in terms of the federal defenders here that he was -- had a right to have a lawyer present while those interrogations were happening on thaws navy ship in the mediterranean sea. those requests for a defendant were ejected by a court judge here in manhattan they say the u.s. is legally able to question him until he's brought i in a court of law. he's due to appear here in manhattan. one of the fbi and cia's most wanted terrorist for his the uniteu.s. attacks on em bass is.
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plenty mere to come. including rounding up migrants in the u.s. capital. we'll cross live for the latest on the bubbling ethnic tensions. plus 10. china celebrates a decade since it sent its first human being in to space. ♪ ♪ on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered?
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welcome back, you are watching al jazerra, i am stephen cole a reminder of our top stories at least 32 people killed many more injured after an earthquake in the central philippines it was a magnitude
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7.2 quiet that hit a popular tourist island. power cut, many buildings, some ancient have been destroyed. a provincial governor he's been killed in eastern afghanistan. it happened at a mosque in the province where the governor was praying. 20 others were killed. talks in iran's disputed nuclear program are about to open in geneva iran's new president hassan rouhani has signaled he may be ready for a new start. the u.s. and the u.s. partners are cautious. let's get more on those talks now starting in geneva roslyn jordan reports from washington on what ask at stake ais at stakeat the talks. >> reporter: it's been six months ins i ran and the pent five plus one nations last met to is discuss teheran's suspected nuclear weapons program. this time experts say the obama administration heads to geneva, both skeptical and optimistic about end being the dispute. >> i think if there is an actual
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deal that diminishes seriously iran's ability to dash toward a weapon, i think it's possible that obama could sale this as an important step forward for u.s. national security, as it certainly would be. >> reporter: the new iranian president hassan rouhani says questions about his country's nuclear ambitions can be settled in six months. but the u.s. insists they will be judged by their actions. >> we have made it clear to iran that they can have a peaceful nuclear program as they meet the requirements of the international community. >> reporter: for starters, the u.s. and the other members of the p5 plus one want iran to do the following. freeze all uranium innin inning. storen riched a rain in another country. most important, disclose everything about the nuclear
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program that might have a military application. in exchange, the f5 plus one has promise today impose no new sanctions and to ease some minor restrictions on iran's oil industry. >> the p5 plus one, they have to deliver something for iranians because on the iranian side there are huge expectations. >> reporter: while it appears relations might be warming between iran and the west, is there a long-term benefit for the u.s.' efforts? >> if we are able to establish some measure of trust, there are a number of areas, syria being one of them, where we could see it producing both for the your honor and iran. >> reporter: the americans need to take in to account concerns of saudis and israelis. israel does not trust iran. >> they want to be in a position to rush forward to build bombs
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about of we are prevents it or protect us. >> reporter: it needs buy in from its allies, roslyn jordan, al jazerra, washington. russian police have rounded out 1600 migrants during a raid on a warehouse in moscow and stepped up security after violence sparked by after a man cass stabbed. the rights group say it's the city's worst ethnic disturbs for several years, david joins me now live from moscow. tense atmosphere in moscow, david. >> reporter: steven, yes, the police are out in force on the streets of the capital of moscow tad because this is the festival, many muslims will be going for prayers in the city's mosques so police patrols have been stepped up around those mosques and in the southern suburb where this has occurred. we do have a development this
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morning, stephen, i'll just bring you up to date on that. a tv station with close links to the police has actually issued a photograph of the man suspected of that fatal stabbing which spa, this whole protest. he has actually been named as owas aman apparently from azerb, all that was known before is that the suspect was caucasian. so now a name has come up and photograph has been issued. and so this will be make the task of the police forces here much easier in tracking down this man. >> is this kind of violence, this kind of confrontation, are they isolated incident? >> reporter: well, ever since i ever i have been covering russia since 1994, this has been very common, the scaling of this, though, was something very different. we are talking about a southern suburb of moscow which everybody the residents describe as a sewer where they say russia
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dumps all of its rubbish. it has been swamped by immigration. and the residents say that these immigrants are getting off scott free from the police who have been bribed to turn a blind eye against them. but it's a indications which is being taken very seriously by the authorities, they fear that what was originally a peaceful protest has been highjacked by the nationalists and they are determined to make sure that that sort of violence doesn't make out again. though they are determined also to capture the man behind the fatal stabbing which prompted these whole protests in the first place. >> david in how course, thanks, david. millions of people around the world are celebrating the muslim holiday in indonesia many garth toerd pray angathered to . the end the annual pilgrimage to mecca in saudi rare i can't. arabia.
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in syria there was a prayer. led by a man whose father was killed in a mosque explosion. in egypt hundreds of supporters of the muslim brotherhood came out for prayers and used the occasion to voice their discontent with the interim government. >> reporter: this is the mosque in the city that's popular of supporters of the muslim brotherhood and here on one of the holiest days in islam, people have gathered for dawn prayers, they have been chant this is morning down with the military and chanting their support, they asked that president moore ham he had morsi. but across cairo the security services have taken significant precautions today as we drove through the city, major squares and mosques have been closed off about five mosques also popular with the brotherhood have been closed today. major squares, where security services suspect people might try and gather have also been closed off and checkpoints have
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been set up to placed like this. you have to pass through a military checkpoint to get in to this mosque, there is a fear amongst the security services that people may choose and try to march and gather in areas where they don't want them to gather which is why there is this significant security presence in cairo. human rights group says there is evidence that hundreds of inmates have been killed in nigerian prisons. amnesty international said it happened after security forces cracked down on muslim fight nurse june an army commander told the nongovernmental organization that around 950 people connected to the group were either suffocated, starved or executed. france has renewed its warnings that the central african republic risks becoming a failed state. french foreign minister made the comment while promising to sends more troops there. france already has about 400 soldiers in the capitol which descended in to chaos in march
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when rebels over through the ove president. here is tim. >> reporter: the french foreign minister did not mention specific numbers by diplomatic sources say that france's troop caconcontingent could being eler the 21200. 10 -- 1200. first and foremost, there is a serious security problem. a country where secur security t guaranteed cannot meet the requirements of the pop lang, the foreigners and and not grow properly. so you have to restore secure i remember as he toured a children's hospital, the french minister repeated concerns that the central african republic risks becoming another failed state. despite sitting on vast mineral werth it's one of the world's pourest countries. >> france came in a way as our spokesman to encourage other
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nation to his take action. and help the central african republic. because the population is waiting for, let's say an immediate solution. >> reporter: western powers have reluctantly recognized michelle the leader of the rebel group as the country's first muslim president. he toppled from saw in march. lexes promised in an early 2015 but chaos followed the all of thing with reports of summary executions and looting. it's reported that rebels have formed thiefdoms across the country. the european aid commissioner expressed her concern to al jazerra. >> i have been watching developments since december last year, and unfortunately, accelerated counts, a tsunami of looting and what used to be three to 5,000 fighters is now 20,000. so time to act today.
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>> reporter: here at the french foreign ministry it's feared that the breakdown in law and order could lead to further conflict with armed groups from neighboring countries becoming involved. france wants the u.n. to act quickly, possibly with its own peace-keeping force. tim friend, al jazerra, paris. a bomb has exploded at a luxury hotel in myanmar. an american guest was wounded the bomb is the latest in a series of unexplained attacks in the last few days, homemade bombs have killed two people and injured several others. the death toll from a stampede at a hindu temple in india has now gone up to 115. many were crushed to death or drowned near the temple. survivors accuse police are using excessive force, four local officials including senior police have been suspended. still in india, millions of people are in desperate need of help after hundreds of thousands
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of homes were destroyed by the cyclone which hit the east of the weekend. it was the strongest tropical storm to hit the country in northern 10 years. we have a report from india. >> reporter: people from communities worst afternoon bide the cyclone are beginning to return home to assess the damage and also perhaps pick up from where they left off some days ago from when they left for the shelters and the evacuation areas. from what we are observing and being told that, by and large people are quite relieved to be coming home to structure that his are still standing, that still exist to workplace that his also still exist. they are having to deal with things like quarter damage and winds damage in some instances but by and large there is honester on a community push to get back to normal. the bigger challenge, i suppose, the more macro level challenges are things like telecoms and power supplies as we have been going in and out of these areas there are certainly widespread
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areas, big areas that require this kinds of assistance and help. that is a long-term possible challenge for the authorities here. on another note, in terms of relief and aid that we have been hearing about that the government and authorities are looking to provide, we are hearing of some villages and areas frustrated by the slowness of that process. they are saying look, we really need things like food to start moving quickly. there are communities that are hurting in that respect. and that, again, is a delicate problem that needs to be dealt with on quite a local level. not necessarily from the state capitals and from the central government in new delhi so by and large conditions improving on the ground. pima tempting to get back to normal but some challenges definitely remain. people have -- or police have arrested 15 people in northern peru for drug trafficking. prosecutors say foreigners were among those detained. officers involved in the joint operation with the u.s. drugs enforcement agency seized
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330-kilos of cocaine. kinchina is marking 10 years since it first 10 a human income to spice. china's future plans include landing a chinese citizen on the moon launching an unmanned moon rover and building a permanent space station. the country's rapid development program is in stark contrast to the u.s. where they are cutting back on space research. rob has more from hong kong. >> reporter: it was the epic mission that i mortalized the name yang leeway, china's first space man. orbiting the earth 14 times on board a spaceship he was the trail blazer. in the 10 years since then there have been a total of 10, two of them women. for the chinese leadership, indeed for the whole country, the space program is a source of national pride. evidence of a country bringing itself out of poverty and of its tech that large ca lodgetech th.
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the con sit seems to be so far so good. >> china wants to insure success, they don't want to move too quickly. they probably could have moved faster. given what the the experience of the americans and russians have done but they prefer steady and avoid possible problems or errors and so i think that's a good thing. >> reporter: plans are now already well advanced for putting the first chinese man or woman on the surface of the moon. talk of such moon shots is distinctly old-fashioned coming so far behind the space endeavors of the russians and the americans. when those two countries celebrated the 10th anniversaries of their first manned missioned the vietnam was still raging and the beatles had just broken up. still the first chinese mans mission 10 years ago made it only the third nation on the
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plan tote independently put a human being in to space and as observers in china would points out while their space program is forging ahead nasa is grounded on account of the u.s. government shutdown. >> that's our website and that's the home page. click on that.


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